White Muscadine

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Sweet White Wines


About This Wine

This wine is already near peak when released, although it may age for another year or two. Aging is an imprecise art; excessive aging could lead to a negative effect. Ideally, try some every year and enjoy the wine’s journey. Keep at a uniform temperature – 55 degrees is best.

Tasting Attributes

Aroma: Fruity. Palate: Effervescent, light, sweet. Finish: Crisp, refreshing. Southern Muscadine grape, unique flavor. Serve cold.

Food and Wine Pairing

Serve chilled with flavorful Southern fare like barbecue. Great as a summer sipper on the back porch, and definitely bring it to any pig pickin’!

Aging Statement

Best when consumed fresh, White Muscadine may age for one year but we do not recommend aging it much longer. Keep at uniform temperature - best between 45-55º. Refrigerate after opening.


Gold: 2014 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association